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Category Description

The SouvNear home furnishing section offers a wide range of colorful furnishing products to choose and buy wholesale from manufacturers.  Furnishing that is aesthetically appealing adds a new look to the home and room alike.  From shoe dust clearing doormats and water absorbing bathroom mats, to wall decorating tapestries and woolen carpets and rugs, to throw blankets and pillow covers all are available in different designs or art themes and colors to select from.  As a wholesale buyer, you can select and buy in wholesale direct from manufacturers, from more than 2,300 listed products.

Home furnishing product designs on SouvNear range from the subtle to the bold and are functional with high aesthetic appeal.  These wholesale products are focused on decorating your home whether it is for your floor (doormats, carpets and rugs) or walls (designer tapestries) or sitting area (throw blankets and pillow covers).  Such items are always bought by all homeowners to furnish and decorate living spaces and also by commercial organizations such as hotels, spas, and restaurants. 

Tapestries of different designs and sizes are used to decorate a blank or a large wall and at the same time can also be used as a colorful bed sheet cover if made from soft material such as cotton.  Designing and printing them with photography and art prints or handwoven handloom and floral themes, they can be used to decorate a room in multiple forms and places thus allowing you to show and sell them to every homeowner and large businesses. 

Carpets and rugs made from jute, wool, and other materials allows them to be used in various places.  Premium woolen carpets are best in use when displayed in drawing rooms and places of prominence.  They add to the room and surrounding elements through their multicolor patterns and varied designs.  On the other hand, smaller sized rugs have multiple uses if used creatively.  Yoga mat, table top, upholstery, duvet, or pet bed are only some of the ways a rug can be used.  Both, carpets and rugs help to capture heat and keep the room warm.   Hence, as wholesale buyer, it is best to bulk buy them before the onset of winters to cater to the winter demand. 

Smaller items such as door and bathroom mats which are a necessity and of high utility are good products for cross selling to your customers.  Being easy to store and maintain on shelves, they are perfect to buy in wholesale and cross-sell with other furnishing products to improve margins. 

Wholesale purchasing of high quality furnishing merchandise on SouvNear is as easy as shopping on the web.  Select products and checkout to pay through any of the widely accepted modes to receive orders at your doorstep.  Payment modes accepted are - Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Electronic Fund Transfer, Paypal or Direct Wire Transfer.  All orders are guaranteed by SouvNear.  SouvNear delivers 100% satisfaction.

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