About Us

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs and in 2013, we decided to take a moonshot at building a consolidated portal to help businesses source from the fragmented market of under - discovered world of Indian handicrafts. The intent was to make the Indian artisan/small manufacturer compete with the Chinese juggernaut!!

Today, with more than 10,000+ curated products and scores of manufacturers/artisans working with us in our managed B2B portal – we are getting closer to the moon .

The Indian market is different, the artisans and art is different and hence our operational model is different. We have taken product discovery in a B2B world to a whole new level. We only allow accredited sellers to join us and we manage the entire process from order to production and from quality audits to order delivery. We even work on product designs with the artisans to create more contemporary and user-friendly products. You are in safe, reliable hands when you order from us.

We hope that the result of this venture would be to help increase sales and margins for our buyers and a better quality of life for the 9 million artisans in India.


Your feedback is important! If you like what we do, tell the world. If you think we can do better, tell us! Suggestions help us evolve; words of encouragement keep us going.

  First Order Minimum $100.00

  For Wholesale Buying Only

  Repeat Order Minimum $250.00