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• 90 Days Return *US Only

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Our Subscription Boxes

Fashion Jewelry

No of sku's : 10+,  No of units 50+

You Buy @ $249.00
You Sell @ $501.00
Your Min Mark-up(100%)

Average unit buy price @ $5

Only 25/8 left for April delivery

Box comes with retail friendly packaging and display stand
Jewelry Box

No of sku's : 10+, No of units 30+

You Buy @ $325.00
You Sell @ $652.00
Your Min Mark-up(100%)


No of sku's : 9+, No of units 27+

You Buy @ $399.00
You Sell @ $801.00
Your Min Mark-up(100%)

Writing Journal

No of sku's : 10+, No of units 30+

You Buy @ $249.00
You Sell @ $501.00
Your Min Mark-up(100%)

Candle Stands

No of sku's : 7+, No of units 20+

You Buy @ $225.00
You Sell @ $452.00
Your Min Mark-up(100%)

How Does this Work?

“How does this work?”

As a small boutique store, you need fresh products every month, products which are different from what are available on Amazon/Big Box retailers. Now finding these is a pain and we are the solution.

We send a curated box of handmade products of your chosen category every month. All products will be different every month and product mix will depend upon the season, location of your store and events.

Our pricing for both wholesale/retail is very aggressive and gives you great margins. And best of all, there is zero risk for you, simply return unsold inventory through pre-paid shipping labels.

“Hmm…there has to be a catch!! How is this even possible?”

Yes, it does seem to be too good to be true. This is made possible, only because we work with artisans/small manufacturers and source directly from them.

We eliminate all the middlemen to reach you directly.

And we have the background in analytics, merchandising and pricing to give you that edge and ensure our product range sells.

“What does it take to get approved as a store?”

Based on our research, there are some stores/locations which are pre-approved. The two main criteria’s are your location and sales history. If it is an approved Zip code area – we will most probably take you on board.

As, we take all the risk of inventory and credit, we retain the right to refuse any store. We also retain the right to cancel subscriptions of below par performing stores

“What will be the product mix?”

The product mix will be decided by our merchandising team. The content, product range, number of SKUs and units of each will vary with each box.

And that is the key, every time your customers walk in – they will see a fresh range of products. Something, that they had not seen earlier.

What we assure is that each box will give you a minimum of 100% margin at recommended retail pricing.

“What about competition from other local stores?”

We give you zip code protection. Choose any 3 zip codes and we will not offer the same box to them as long as you are our subscribers.

“Will returns be easy?”

Absolutely! All you have to do is send us a list of unsold inventory. We will create a return order and provide pre-paid shipping labels.

And if there are any damaged products in shipping, just let us know and we will fix that.

“Do you provide retail friendly packaging?”

Yes, you just need to unbox them and place them on the shelves. All products come with bar code and retail friendly packaging.

Candle Stands

  25,100+  Handmade Products

  9000+ Buyers from  14 Countries

  3,50,000+  Orders Delivered