Bulk Wholesale Bath and Pedestal Mat in 100% Cotton - 26.2” Hand-Woven Set of 2 Rug Mats in Blush Red Color - Bathroom Accessories/Furnishings/Decor from India





Product Specifications

UPC 904108875479
Material Cotton
Art/Theme Handloom
Colors Red
Outer Dimension Length 26.2 Mat Size inches
Width 20 Mat Size inches
Height 0.1 Mat Size inches
Weight 0.52 Kg / 1.14 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Bath mats are an important part of bathroom décor bringing style along with protecting the floors from excess moisture. With a dense woven tufted texture, these mats stay soft as well as make the bathroom look very updated and clean. And you can buy this set at wholesale price now.

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