Source 11.9x7.9” Wooden Jewelry Box in Bulk - Wholesale Hand-Carved Jewelry Box/Trinket Box/Bangle Box with Intricate Floral Motif Carving & Brass Inlay Work from India





Product Specifications

UPC 190803045428
Material Wood, Brass
Art/Theme Metal Inlay, Wood Carving , Floral
Colors Brown
Inner Dimension Length 11 inches
Width 7 inches
Height 4 inches
Outer Dimension Length 11.9 inches
Width 7.9 inches
Height 4.5 inches
Weight 1.98 Kg / 4.36 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Restoring the ancient legacy, the artisan shrouds the box with an intricate carving of ivy, vines, flowers and brass inlay. Standing on wooden rests, the box gracefully opens through a traditional style golden lock. With red velvet lining, two bangle holders, small compartment for rings and earrings and one mirror, it promises to guard the precious jewels and accessories in an elegant way. Rarely carved, you can pick this box at wholesale price now.

Crafts used in making this product

Metal Inlay

  • Brass/metal inlay is also known as Tarkashi. Seasoned rosewood/mango-wood is used to make this craft because this wood has high oil content that allows a secure and smooth inlay.
  • Firstly, the pattern is drawn on the wood and it is engraved to the depth of 1mm using half round chisels and hammer. Thin strips or pieces of metal sheets are then cut, processed and beaten into the previously created grooves. The surface is evened with a sander, fine sawdust mixed with diluted adhesive is applied over the surface to fill the gaps. The object is then planed, sanded and polished by hand.

Wood Carving

  • To carve this craft, tracing of the desired design is done on the wood-piece using zinc stencil. The excess wood is taken off and layers of work are created. Now the wood is carved using various hand tools and the carved pattern appears to be raised out.
  • The technical word used for this raised part is called relief. Usually the carving is in low relief (known as chilai). High relief is also done where the pattern is carved out deeper (known as takai). At times the carving goes very deep bringing a see-through to the craft.
  • The finer details are given to the wood using fine chisels. Lastly, the piece is finished by sanding, polishing and varnishing.

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