Buy in Bulk Wholesale Ceramic Ashtrays with 3 Cigarette Holder Slots - Handmade 3.75 Inch in Bright Ethnic Pattern

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Add more class to your smoking style when you place the cigarette on this handmade ceramic ashtray rests. Beautifully painted in rich colors and ethnic Indian inspired designs, this ashtray is meant to create an impact in the surroundings. Even if you don’t smoke, this art-piece can be a great décor item!!

The Art Behind this Ceramic Piece

"Everything about handmade pottery is fascinating. No two end products are ever the same. Every piece has a story
to tell! Read more

Ceramic pottery artisan at work


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Outer Length
3.75 inches
Outer Width
3.75 inches
Outer Height
2.2 inches
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0.36kg / 0.792lb