Are you a Professional Designer? With limited or nil production capability?

Then you are at the right place…

We will produce and market your designs

You earn royalty on every unit sold

If you have your own production capability, then simply Register to Sell With Us

How does this Work?

  • Open A Free Account

    Choose the material and arts that you work with. Our team will validate your credentials. And a Free Account will be set up for you.

    Our preference is actual samples followed by CAD drawings with detailed design sheets.

  • Getting the Orders

    We will shortlist your samples and first market them offline to larger chain stores.

    The product will then be also get listed on the SouvNear marketplace. If a large chain retailer has placed an order, then it will not be available for sale in that specific country as per the terms of purchase.

    And your samples will be made available for our retail merchandise team to choose for our franchised retail stores.

  • Production

    We have deep connects with Manufacturers across India.

    When an order is placed, the selected product will go into production with one of our accredited maker/s. Production quality will be tracked by our proprietary work-flow tools to ensure quality and timely production.

    And for Large Retailers, we will get production through our accredited ‘Socially Approved’ list of manufacturers.

  • Tracking

    You will get access to a dashboard where you can track the status of each of your designs. You will be in the loop for all steps.

    Royalty Payments – Tracking in Dashboard

    Royalty will be paid per unit of production. It will always be a range and dependent on

    • Price of the Product
    • Uniqueness of Design
    • Size of the order – As a thumb rule, larger the order, lower the royalty
    • Payments will be made directly into your account and will be based on orders shipped/payment received from buyer.
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