WeChoose DIY Block Printing Kit Children Craft Kits





Product Specifications

UPC 19332081940314
Outer Dimension Length 18 inches
Width 7 inches
Height 26.5 inches
Weight 0.45 Kg / 0.99 lbs

Product Description

Experience printing with hand carved wooden blocks. Make distinctive designs and leave impressions on fabric, paper and friends! Crafting is not just fun, it’s liberating, empowering and calming. The Active Hands Block Printing Kit has been carefully designed to develop and enhance creative thinking, hand skills, problem solving, design aesthetics and craft appreciation. A blend of contemporary and traditional Indian crafts, makes the kit more relevant for the young generation. The kit Includes all materials for block printing, ideas and easy to follow instructions. Let your child explore, experience, and enjoy the learning process. Age Group Beginner Level For all ages over 5

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