Help FAQs

Q. 1: How can I register with SouvNear?

A: You can go here and fill in all the details and submit.

Q. 2: Do I need to provide any documents while registering?

A: You need to provide seller’s certificate for sales tax purposes (provided that you have it). In case you don’t have one you can still register but you would need to pay sales tax when you buy. You can also submit the document after registration.

Q. 3. Is there any membership fee?

A: No, we don’t charge any membership fees.


Billing Questions:

Q. 4. Who is responsible for billing the end customer?

A: As a reseller, you are entirely responsible for billing your customers.

Q. 5. What types of payments does SouvNear accept?

A: SouvNear accepts Credit Cards, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), Wire Fund Transfers, PayPal, Western Union and more. Options are provided on cart checkout.

Q. 6. What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?

A: For your first order your minimum order size should be $100 (any product & quantity). There is no capping on maximum quantities but that would depend on availability. If not available then time required would be informed after we confirm product quantity.

Q. 7. Is there an easy return?

A: Yes, all damaged products will be replaced if the damage happened in transit.

Q. 8. Can I sell SouvNear products online?

A: Yes you can sell our products online under your name/brand. However we have an online reseller program as well, under which you can sell online under brand SouvNear on our Amazon listings with a track record of products proven to sell. Our storefront has earned 5 star reviews and 100% positive ratings so that goes a long way in getting more sales. You can buy in bulk from us and sell on our listings.



Q. 9. How do you ship?

A: We use DHL, FedEx or TNT both via air and ship to deliver the packages.

Q. 10. After placing the order how much time will it take the shipment to reach us?

A: Ideally it takes 7-15 Days, unless you have placed a Pre-order. In case of Pre-orders, the date is specified at the time of checkout and also in the order email.

Q. 11. Do you cover delivery to tier 2 towns?

A: Yes, we cover all the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tier destinations, which our delivery partners cover.

Q. 12. Can we change our order after placing it?

A: Yes, you can change the order - only once - within 24 hours of placing it.

Q. 13. Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes, you can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing it. (Charges may apply)

Q. 14. Can I track my order?

A: We will email tracking details to you once the order is shipped.

Q. 15. Can I add additional items to my order once it has been placed?

A: Yes, you can order more items separately within 24 hours of placing your order and those will be shipped together if not already shipped.

Q. 16. What are the other ways to place an order?

A: The direct method is for you to checkout through the site. Alternatively, you can also send us your confirmed purchase order and we can handle this offline through emails.

Q. 17. What is the refund policy?

A: We refund/replace product/s that are delivered with any defect.

Q. 18. Do resellers receive a discount on SouvNear’s products?

A: We sell only B2B so all the products are sold on wholesale price only. Larger the quantity, lower the price that you pay (prices are displayed with incremental quantity slabs on product pages)

Q. 19. Where can I see shipping charges?

A: Delivery charges are calculated in the cart on checkout at the point when you choose your shipping address. Shipping is calculated based on location so charges are made available only at this point.

Q. 20. Do these prices include or exclude taxes?

A: We won’t charge any taxes separately however if you do not have seller’s certificate and depending on your location, we may have to charge sales tax.

Q. 21. Will I be charged for customs duties?

A: You don’t need to pay customs duties. That’s on us!

Q. 22. Who is SouvNear?

A: SouvNear is a ‘managed’ wholesale B2B platform for Indian handicrafts. We work with artisans/small manufacturers in India to provide you great products to retail. Our margins are minimal and we are a volume player. SouvNear is a trusted brand with over more than a hundred thousand customers in the US and EU countries.

Q. 23. Where is SouvNear located?

A: SouvNear has its presence globally with offices in the USA, UK and India.

Q. 24. Which countries do you ship to?

A: Currently, we ship to the United States, Canada and the European Union countries. We do consider global shipping for very large orders though. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to order from any other country than the ones listed above and we will get back to you with costs and feasibility.

If you have more questions, you can chat with us or send us an offline message from the chat window at the bottom right corner of any page on the site. You can also email us at

  First Order Minimum $100.00

  For Wholesale Buying Only

  Repeat Order Minimum $250.00