Help FAQs for Marketplace

Q. 1: What is SouvNear?

A: is your bridge to millions of artisans and manufacturers making handmade products.

There are 3 ways to shop from us:

1. Marketplace - Discover products and directly reach out to our accredited manufacturers. We help you negotiate with them for delivery and pricing. SouvNear will ensure delivery timelines and quality of products shipped. We provide payments and logistics support. This option works best for buying large quantities and bigger products. Shipping as per actuals and can be arrnaged, if required.

2. Subscription Boxes  –  We heard our local stores and based on that we have launched our subscription box service. We have boxes available in multiple categories, all you have to do as a local store is subscribe and we will handle all merchanidzing. This service is available for the US only.

3. Online/Amazon Sellers – We know you want to sell high selling, high margin products. We have a new section for you. Easily compare pricing with Amazon and pricing is inclusive of shipping to Amazon FBA/any single location.

Q. 2: How does this work?

1. Marketplace - Select a product/s that you like and send query to the maker of that product with your offer and requirement. Through our app, this gets to the maker and they generally respond within 24 hours. Finalize the terms and SouvNear creates the Purchase Order.

SouvNear Inc. handles all payments and ensures delivery of quality products. Any challenges are resolved to your satisfaction.

2. Subscription Box Service – You need to just simply browse, select thecategory of box for products that sell well in your store, we take care of everything else.

We get you a new range of exclusive products every month. These are not listed on the marketplace. For selected stroes, we provide a 30 day credit and returns on unsold inventory post 90 days.

Its simple, all risk is ours and we handle all merchandising.

Q. 3: Where is SouvNear located?

A: SouvNear has its presence globally with offices in the USA, UK and India.


Q. 1: How can I register with SouvNear?

A: You can go here and fill in all the details and submit.

Q. 2: Do I need to provide any documents while registering?

A: Nothing is required at the time of registration. Later, in the US, we will require a re-seller certificate and in the UK/France, we will require your Vat number.

Q. 3. Is there any membership fee?

A: No, we don’t charge any membership fees.

Billing Questions:

Q. 1. Who determines selling price?

A: All our products come as White-label. You can determine your own selling price.

Q. 2. What types of payments does SouvNear accept?

A: SouvNear accepts Credit Cards, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), Wire Fund Transfers, PayPal. For larger payments, we prefer Direct Wires. These options are available on the cart page.

Q. 3. What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?

A: Minimums are specified with each product. As these are handmade, minimums are low for most products.

Q. 4. Is there an easy return?

A: We monitor all production and ensure there are no problems. In the remote case, that there are damages or quality issues – we get these resolved with the maker through credit/replacement.

Q. 5. Can I sell SouvNear products online?

A: All products come white-labeled. You can sell anywhere. If you want to sell on our Amazon store, contact us.

Shipping & Delivery:

Q. 1. How do you ship?

A: In the marketplace, we ship as per customized quotes as per your order. We offer both Ocean & Air Freight.
For the subscription boxes, we ship using FedEx/DHL directly to your store.

Q. 2. Which countries do you ship to?

A: We ship globally, from India. In the 'Shipping Inclusive' Option, pricing is inclusive of shipping. And in the 'FOB’ Option, we can provide customized quotes.

Q. 3. After placing the order how much time will it take the shipment to reach us?

A: Air Shipment worldwide takes between 7 to 12 days. Ocean freight times vary from 25 days (UK) to around 50 days (US) .

Q. 4. Do you cover delivery to tier 2 towns?

A: We deliver wherever FedEx/DHL can deliver. For Alaska, Hawai and some other regions – shipping cost is extra.

Q. 5. Can I track my order?

A: We will email tracking details to you once the order is shipped.

Q. 6. Where can I see shipping charges?

A: All products on the 'Shipping Inclusive' Option are listed inclusive of shipping.

Q. 7. Will I be charged for customs duties?

A: In the US/UK ('Shipping Inclusive' Option) – we take care of this and is all inclusive pricing for you. For all other countries, you could be liable for customs duties. Please check at your end.
In the 'FOB’ Option, it will depend on your negotiated terms.

Order Management:

Q. 1. How long does it take for a product to be shipped.

A: Delivery date is listed with each product in the marketplace. You can use filters on the left navigation bar to shortlist delivery timelines. We ship all products together, to optimize shipping costs.

Q. 2. Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes, you can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing it. (Charges may apply)

Q. 3. Can I add additional items to my order once it has been placed?

A: Yes, you can order more items separately within 24 hours of placing your order and those will be shipped together if not already shipped.

Q. 4. What are the other ways to place an order?

1: 'Shipping Inclusive' Option - You can do a direct checkout on products marked with the 'Shipping Inclusive’ Option. Alternatively, you can email us the order and we will set up a Purchase Order for you.

2: 'FOB’ Option - Once negotiation is completed, we will create a customized order for you. We will take payments as per negotiated terms.

Q. 5. What is the refund policy?

A: We refund/replace product/s that are delivered with any defect.

Q. 6. Do resellers receive a discount on SouvNear’s products?

A: We sell only B2B so all the products are sold on wholesale price only. Larger the quantity, lower the price that you pay (prices are displayed with incremental quantity slabs on product pages)

Q. 7. Do these prices include or exclude taxes?

A: In the US – if you share the reseller certificate then no charges.

In the UK/EU we will charge VAT.

For other countries, the buyer is responsible for all custom duties and taxes.

If you have more questions, you can chat with us or send us an offline message from the chat window at the bottom right corner of any page on the site. You can also email us at

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