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Category Description

Kitchen products, with more than 3,000 product items listed for wholesale buying, is one of the largest category on SouvNear.  With a large number of available product options, SouvNear has become a one-stop shop for kitchen items.  For a cook, it is extremely important that the right kitchen and serveware items are available at the right place in the kitchen.  And SouvNear tries to ensure that all kitchen items are available for shops to stock up on for kitchen buyers at one place.

Popular and common products such as serving platters, napkin rings, ceramic cups and mugs, cutting boards, baskets, bar accessories are all listed for wholesale buying along with unique and not easy-to-find products such as trivets, marble mortars and pestles, floral designed ceramic bowls and jars, sabai grass baskets and many more.  Popular items are always quickly taken off the shelves while unique and not so easy-to-find items also move fast as they are desired by customers but not many shops stock them.  Made from wood, marble, ceramic with marble finish, brass, and MDF materials, SouvNear kitchen products are durable for rough and heavy use and last long. 

By stocking a large variety of product types and designs, shop owners can provide customers the flexibility to mix and match and set-up their own kitchen in their own personal way.  Depending on the area and design of kitchen, customers may want to buy bar stools as seating space, and have placemats and coasters to put crockery and glasses on.  They can further match serving trays and jugs and pitchers with their interior home décor.  If they can buy all that they need from you, then they are bound to love your shop and happy customers will spread the word among their friends to buy from you only.  Everyone loves a one-stop shop that stocks a wide range of quality products.

At SouvNear wholesale rates are based on individual product lot size/quantities with low minimums.  This gives you the advantage of buying several products and increasing the range of your inventory yet keeping your bill amount true to wholesale buying.  With the best wholesale rates in the industry, your margins are assured.  SouvNear guarantees every order will reach you with correct and defect free product.  We deliver 100% satisfaction.

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