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SouvNear offers quality lighting – table lamps, floor lamps, and hanging lights at amazing prices for wholesale purchase.  Lights are required in every place and good lighting defines how space is used.  It sets the mood of the place and defines how other objects in the room will appear. 

With more than 200 different lights listed by manufacturers in India to match different decors and spaces, SouvNear offers a wide collection of lighting fixtures for home, office, and outdoor use at wholesale price.  Lights are always in demand.  Home and business owners change lights when they redecorate their homes and change business space.  With change in décor theme and addition / splitting of rooms, demand for more lights is created.

Manufactures make lighting fixtures from durable materials such as wood, bone, metal, iron, brass, and ceramic and have different designs in form of birds, acrylic inlay, bamboo craft, ceramic pottery, hand painting, pietra dura and stone art to match with varied home décor themes. Even in colors, a large number of options are available from black, beige, silver, red, copper, blue and even multicolor

Stocking and selling lights is a profitable product item for any retailer, wholesaler or distributor.  Once you start selling, you will never look back and return for more wholesale buying from manufacturers on SouvNear.  Displaying large variety attracts different customers and stocking quality handmade products ensure they buy their lighting needs from you.

SouvNear through its easy online ordering process and SouvNear guarantee stands out among the wholesalers in the market.  When ordering minimum quantity on SouvNear you are buying from manufacturers in India with SouvNear guaranteeing delivery of goods in proper order.  We accept all major cards, Paypal, and also direct wire transfers through our secure 256 SSL encrypted payment gateway to give you ease of payment.  We ensure only the right product is being shipped from our warehouse.  And if you have any design of yours that you want us to make for you, we will custom-make your design.  We ensure that you do not go disappointed.  We guarantee all orders and deliver satisfaction 100%.

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