Wholesale Elephant Figurine - Bulk Buy 5” Hand Carved Soapstone Statue of Mother and Baby Elephant - Unique Open-Work Art - Animal Decor Sculpture - Baby Shower Home Decor Gifts from India

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Manufactured By Maheshwari

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Product Description

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Product Information

Attentive Ears, Interested Eyes and Powerful Trunk! Capturing an elephant’s majestic power and keen intelligence is no walk in the woods. The ageless strength and dominance of the stone challenges the master stone carver to give its best and what he delivers is awe inspiring!


This is the perfect gift for mothers - the most striking depiction of pregnancy and the mother-child bond, painstakingly hand-carved in natural soapstone to perfection.


Crafts used in making this product

Stone Carving Jali Animal

  • The stone used to make this craft is very soft so it requires only finger pressure to chisel the design.
  • To begin with, the stone is boiled overnight and then waxed. The desired shape of the animal is created using hand-tools. Holes are drilled in the animal structure with hand drill. These holes are then finely shaped using chisels to form a jaali(open-work). The inside hollows are manually chiseled and the smaller animals are carved inside the bigger animal through the main jaali. And finally, the piece is buffed to finish.
  • The special thing about this craft is that these are made from 1 block of stone and nowhere any joint is given.

Product Specifications

Material Stone
Art/Theme Stone Carving Jali Animal
Colors White
Theme Elephants
Finish Buffed
Outer Dimension Length 5 inches
Width 3 inches
Height 4.2 inches
Weight 1.01 Kg / 2.22 lbs

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