Sell on Souvnear


How do I become a Seller?
Free & Easy Registration. Click on ‘SELL WITH US’, fill in the required details, &, you are ready to Sell.
How do I upload my first catalog?
Once you are registered as a SELLER, you will be directed to your catalog panel; Please fill in the required product details & upload the product images. Our team will then review your catalog & approve it for uploading. This may take 1-2 working days depending on the size of the catalog. You may also share your product sheet with our team & they will help you create your brand catalog.
What margin does SouvNear charge?
SouvNear charges a 10% commission on all orders. We manage payments & logistics & monitor your manufacturing process to ensure that quality products are delivered to our customers.
How do I receive orders?
Each time a buyer places an order for your products, we will send you an email with the Purchase Order.
How do I get paid?
An advance payment of up to 25% will be given to you at the time of order. The balance payment will be credited to you after the Quality Check & before the Final Order Delivery.
What about Shipping?
Logistics & Shipping will be handled by SouvNear.

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