Diversify your supply chain.
Covid19 has changed the world. We all need to diversify our sourcing to mitigate any risks. We provide you alternative sourcing opportunities from India & other Asian countries.
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How it works


You Describe It

Give us all possible details for the product you are trying to source including target price.


We Source It

We will find suppliers for you in India & beyond. We will manage their delivery, logistics & payments.


Your Profit

With us helping you create reliable suppliers, you can concentrate on sales & maximising profits.

How much does it cost?

We charge only a fraction of what it will cost you to manage this directly

One price for every deal
We take a small commission, making it profitable to use our services
The Souvnear Guarantee
Working with Souvnear means you get the following.
Quality AssuranceShipping Logistics
Simple BillingSecured Payments

We help you find the same stock for less from India.

We ensure you remain competitive. Give us a shout out, we have already helped build alternative supply chains for a diverse set of products. Some, where we were not even sure that Indian pricing could beat Chinese prices. But we delivered. So, what’s the harm in giving it a shot, there are no upfront costs.

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How it works