Buy in Bulk Wholesale 3.7" Round Handmade Ashtray featuring Bidri Art - Vintage look Black Metal with Silver Wire Work - Smoke Ash Catcher with 2 Cigarette Slots





Product Specifications

UPC 904108874693
Material Metal
Art/Theme Bidriware
Colors Black
Outer Dimension Length 3.7 inches
Width 3.7 inches
Height 1 inches
Weight 0.23 Kg / 0.51 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Poker nights just got classier when this royal affair will keep you company ;)! ‘Bidri Art” metal ashtray with fine silver work is a stunning example of superior craftsmanship and design. Behind the breathtaking beauty of Bidri art, lies hours of meticulous effort by the artisans of Karnataka, India.

Crafts used in making this product


  • Firstly, the item is casted in blackened alloy of zinc and copper using moulds. This newly cast piece is then layered with copper-sulphate that brings black sheen to it. After this, the patterns are etched on the article and thin silver or copper wires are inlaid. The inlaid piece is then dipped in the boiling mixture of ammonia chloride and bidri soil. Lastly, the piece is cleaned and finished.

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