Bulk Wholesale Wooden Tissue Box Cover 10.6” Handmade Rectangular Shaped Napkin Dispenser Designed with Floral Patterns in Acrylic Inlay Art - Dining/Kitchen Accessories - Home Decor





Product Specifications

UPC 190803021972
Material Rose wood
Art/Theme Acrylic Inlay
Colors Brown , White
Finish Polished
Outer Dimension Length 10.6 inches
Width 5.6 inches
Height 3 inches
Weight 1.00 Kg / 2.20 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

The hinged top cover and the sides of the napkin dispenser are decorated with intricate floral patterns using the traditional inlay art. Especially designed to lend a touch of extravagance to your dining table décor, this tissue box cover is made from choicest of woods – IndianWood and completely handcrafted by the artisans of India.

Crafts used in making this product

Acrylic Inlay

  • Seasoned rosewood/mango-wood is used to make this craft because this wood has high oil content that allows secure and smooth inlay.
  • Firstly, the pattern is drawn on the wood and it is engraved to the depth of 1mm using half round chisels and hammer. Thin strips or pieces of acrylic sheets are then cut and placed into the previously created grooves using glue. In case the motif needs to be defined more, details are etched and highlighted with natural inks. The surface is then evened with sander to fill the gaps. Lastly, the object is polished by hand.

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