Wholesale 2” Trunk Up Elephant Figurine - Bulk Buy Hand Carved White Marble Elephant Statue/Sculpture with Rare Hand-Painted Floral Motifs in Red - Animal Decor Sculpture/Gifts from India





Product Specifications

UPC 190803019115
Material Stone
Art/Theme Stone Art, Pietra Dura , Hand Painting , Elephants
Colors White, Red
Outer Dimension Length 3 inches
Width 1.4 inches
Height 2 inches
Weight 0.66 Kg / 1.45 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Reflecting the great art of the 7th wonder of the world – The Taj Mahal, this elegant art-piece is beautifully hand-carved by the artisans of India. In pristine white, enhanced with bright motifs, this elephant is one of our best selling items. Available in 6 different sizes, you can pick these now at wholesale price.

Pietra Dura

  • Highly intricate and lengthy, the art of stone-inlaying is inspired from Pietra-Dura work done in the Taj Mahal.
  • To make this craft, stone slivers are first shaped into stems, petals, and leaves using a manually operated emery wheel. Simultaneously, marble surface is shallow carved that is just enough to embed the stones. Prior to chiselling, marble surface is coated with red earth. This makes the engraved lines stand out thus, making it easier for the artisan to carve and inlay the piece with accuracy. The grooves are then filled with white cement that melts on heating. The marble surface is heated and the stones are laid in. Finally the surface is buffed and polished.
  • This art is precious because it takes almost 40 small pieces to make a single flower to perfection and it takes few weeks to complete an intricate piece.

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