Wholesale Camel (Ship of the Desert) Figurine/Statue - Buy in Bulk Handmade 4.4” Stone Filigree Art Camel Sculpture with Baby Camel Inside - Good Luck Sculptures - Baby Shower Gifts from India





Product Specifications

UPC 190803020340
Material Stone
Art/Theme Stone carving jaali, Stone Art , Openwork Art
Colors White
Outer Dimension Length 4 inches
Width 1.4 inches
Height 4.4 inches
Weight 3.12 Kg / 6.86 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Hand-carved from a single block of stone, this art-piece showcases a baby camel inside the mother camel through the netted body. Perfect to bring a smile on expecting mothers’ face, this can be a very thoughtful gifting option. Bringing lot of sales to SouvNear, such animal sculptures can be picked at wholesale price now.

Crafts used in making this product

Stone carving jaali

  • The stone used to make this craft is very soft so it requires only finger pressure to chisel the design.
  • To begin with, the stone is boiled overnight and then waxed. The desired shape of the piece is created using hand-tools. Holes are drilled in the marble structure using hand drill. These holes are then finely shaped using chisels to form a jaali(open-work). And finally, the piece is buffed to finish.
  • The special thing about this craft is that these are made from 1 block of stone and nowhere any joint is given.

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