Bulk Wholesale Abstract Art Ceramic Ashtray in White with Blue Marble-Finish – 2 Cigarette Slots – Home Decor





Product Specifications

UPC 190803040010
Material Ceramic
Art/Theme Ceramic Pottery
Colors White
Outer Dimension Length 4.5 inches
Width 3.5 inches
Height 1.8 inches
Weight 0.26 Kg / 0.57 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

A perfect contrast of color and texture, we bring to you an abstract art ceramic ashtray with blue dots sprinkled throughout the white base and crackled frozen glass effect in the center. Crafted from high grade ceramic it has been glazed to perfection

The Art Behind this Ceramic Piece

"Everything about handmade pottery is fascinating. No two end products are ever the same. Every piece has a story
to tell! Read more

Ceramic pottery artisan at work

Crafts used in making this product

Ceramic Pottery

  • In ceramic pottery, wheel turning and molding techniques are used in combination. Body of the product is shaped in plaster of paris mould while the neck and base are formed in wheel turning.
  • A white coat is applied on the surface to bring smooth, white and blot free finish. The patterns are painted in mineral pigments on the dried surface. These pigments take brilliant shades of turquoise blue, pale green, yellow and red-brown during the firing process. The pottery is finally finished with glaze that is again heated for a rich sheen.
  • A product can have multiple glazes.

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