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SouvNear carries an extensive collection of handmade gifts for wholesale buying.  With nearly 5,000 gift items listed, you can now be assured to find one for every occasion and personality.  From very popular occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving to more personal gifting occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, gifts for every occasion are listed on SouvNear for wholesale purchasing from manufacturers. 

SouvNear also makes sure that your customers find something to gift their near and dear ones without any special reason.  The wholesale buying category of unusual and funny gifts has been built keeping this objective in mind.   Gifts for other important events such as Back to School and Graduation, House Warming, and Thank You have also been covered.  Thus, customers now will always have a reason to walk-in to your shop and buy something at pocket friendly prices.

As gifts, religion has always been a popular theme to buy.  Religion themed gifts can be gifted on any occasion and to everyone.  Whether it is the traditional pillar candle stand made from silver ribbed glass or MDF and copper made cross statues with overlay work, we have an exclusive section of western religious gift items.  Keeping with the growing popularity of Eastern religious and spiritual leaders, we have a dedicated section that lists small artefacts and statues such as Buddha in brass, and wooden jewelry or trinket boxes with Ganesha hand painted on them to name a few.  To make gifts for everyday use in lives, wholesale-buying gift options such as journals with Pagan embossed leather covers or hand painted canvas and leather made Buddha passport holders can now also be bought. 

Gifts come in odd shapes and small sizes too.  Therefore, it is important that they are delivered to you and further to the customers in shape and with zero defect.  For this SouvNear ensures quality checks and strong packing that saves items from damage.  This ensures that they reach you in proper shape with no chipped edges or dented bodies and further gift-wrapping for customers is possible on request.  Internal quality checks and monitoring processes confirm that only quality pieces are getting packed.  SouvNear guarantees all orders and delivers satisfaction 100%.