Source Hand-Crafted6x6” Jewelry Box in Bulk - Wholesale Handmade Wood Jewelry Box/Trinket Box in Multicolors Decorated with Cone Painting Art & a Metal Lock from India





Product Specifications

UPC 190803037850
Material Wood, MDF
Art/Theme Cone Painting, Distressed
Colors Multicolor
Finish Painted
Outer Dimension Length 6 inches
Width 6 inches
Height 4 inches
Weight 0.80 Kg / 1.76 lbs

Product Description

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Product Information

Very unique and ethnic in look, this jewelry box is a rich combination of multiple old world arts. In finest of the woods, this box is decorated with the fading old art of cone-painting. Showcasing true colors of India, this interesting box is simply a Big Yes Yes by every art admirer!


  • Shabby chic is a very popular and demanding art-form that is inspired from the works of Victorian era.
  • Artisans first layer the wooden piece with paint using a paint-brush (preferably pastel color paint with matte finish). The process of layering is done multiple times to bring rich and natural sheen to the piece.  Then the piece is left to dry for a day. Next day, the piece is rubbed and distressed 2-3 times using sandpaper. Artisan often removes some paint, leaving proof of several layers of paint speckled over wood grain.

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