Bulk Wholesale Hand-Carved Decorative Wooden Accent Table with Detachable 3-Leg Stand - Floral Inlay - Natural Wood - Vintage Home Decor from India

UPC: 190803023402

Manufactured By Gulzar

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Product Description

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Product Information

A small dark wood hand carved oriental themed table, with folding detachable legs. Intricate floral inlay and hand carved relief on top makes it a cute pot stand or a side coffee table. Handmade by artisans from Saharanpur, India.

Crafts used in making this product

Wood Carving

  • To carve this craft, tracing of the desired design is done on the wood-piece using zinc stencil. The excess wood is taken off and layers of work are created. Now the wood is carved using various hand tools and the c

Product Specifications

Material Wood
Art/Theme Wood Carving
Colors Brown
Outer Dimension Length 8.5 inches
Width 8.5 inches
Height 9.5 inches
Weight 3.11 Kg / 6.84 lbs

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